Munich, Last Generation activists stop the airport: flights delayed or canceled – Video

Protests by environmental activists are spreading like wildfire, aiming to draw attention to the climate crisis while causing inconvenience. As happened in Munich, where some members of Letzte Generation attached themselves to taxiways (the surface that identifies the path that planes must take to move from one point to another). This action also led to the closure of the airport for security reasons. The airport is expected to welcome at least 350,000 passengers this weekend, a public holiday in Germany. Initially, it was considered canceling all flights or diverting them to other airports. One of the two runways later reopened, but an airport representative warned there would be delays. 60 flights were canceled.

The motivations

The words of an activist present on site, Judith, were reported on Twitter: “The government is minimizing the situation and further subsidizing all this madness.” These are subsidies granted by the German government to the aviation sector in the form of kerosene and VAT exemptions. “The question should not be: 'Should I go on vacation today?', the question should be: 'Do we want to survive?', because the issue is nothing less!” activist. Eight activists were arrested.

Cover photo: Letzte Generation on Twitter

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