Israel, the mother of Noa Argamani, a former hostage and symbol of Hamas on October 7, has died: suffering from cancer, she prayed to see her daughter one last time

The mother of Noa Argamani, the Israeli citizen who became one of the symbols of the hostages kidnapped by Hamas on October 7, during the Sukkot rave, has died at the age of 61. The woman, in the terminal stages of a brain tumor discovered before her daughter was kidnapped, had expressed one last request: to see her 26-year-old daughter again before she died. “My only wish is to hug Noa before I can't take it anymore.” She did it: on June 8, thanks to an IDF operation, Noa and three other hostages were freed. During the incursion into Nuseirat, an Israeli soldier and dozens of Palestinian citizens lost their lives.

Tel Aviv's Icholov Hospital, where Liora Argamani was hospitalized, said the woman “spent her last days with her daughter Noa and her family.” The reports Israel Times. Noa's partner could not be with her, still a Hamas prisoner in the Gaza Strip. Liora Argamani, who is of Chinese origin, had fought hard for the release of her daughter, who spent eight months in prison before being freed during the Nuseirat blitz. After returning to Israel, Noa said: “My biggest worry during captivity was my parents,” referring to her mother's terminal cancer. “It is a great privilege to be able to be by her side,” he added. The hospital, in its note today – July 2 – wanted to convey “the family's request to respect their privacy at this difficult time.”

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