A 12-year-old girl was allegedly the victim of sexual abuse by two boys slightly older than her. The violence apparently occurred a few days ago, but just yesterday the 12-year-old girl and her parents presented themselves at the emergency room of the Modena polyclinic. As Resto del Carlino reports, it was the doctors who alerted the police, while waiting for the 12-year-old's family to officially file a complaint in the coming days. According to what has been revealed so far, the abuse took place at the alleged victim's home. The 12-year-old girl had invited a friend and the two children to her home. It would be a 15 year old and a 16 year old. It is not yet known whether the girl met them at school or elsewhere. Once they returned home, the two boys began making advances which then escalated into sexual violence. We are now awaiting the results of the first medical examinations that the 12-year-old girl underwent at the Modena Polyclinic to find further confirmation of her story. Both boys could face charges of gang sexual assault. After receiving treatment at the Modena Polyclinic, in an area reserved for minors, the 12-year-old was taken care of by the hospital in a dedicated and protected pathway.

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