On July 17, before the Lazio TAR, a hearing on the merits will take place to discuss the administrative appeals proposed by Chiara Ferragni with lawyers Giorgio Fraccastoro and Fabio Cintioli on the now famous Pandoro case. An approach which calls for the annulment of the antitrust provision dating from last December, by which the Competition and Market Authority imposed a fine of more than one million euros for alleged misleading advertising linked to the sale of the Pandora Pink Christmas. Precisely on the same day, July 17, the new appeal that the Balocco company also introduced for the same matter, sanctioned by 420 thousand euros, will also be discussed.

Codacons announces the battle

And Codacons will also intervene: the association itself announced this in a note. The intervention of the Coordination of Associations for the Defense of the Environment and the Rights of Users and Consumers at the TAR has a precise objective: to contest point by point the demands of Ferragni and the confectionery company. And “dismantle the defensive theses that would like to place all the responsibility on the consumers who purchased the product and who, as Ferragni herself has repeatedly said, would have misunderstood the messages launched by the influencer and the company “. “We will ask the administrative judges – announces President Carlo Rienzi – to confirm the antitrust sanction and reject all the requests of Ferragni and Balocco, reinforced by the recent sentence of the Court of Turin which confirmed the offenses already sanctioned by the Authority of competition”.

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