The first negative judgment comes from European Bishops Conference to which the CEI also belongs. “The theme that should be how to preserve new life, how to help women in difficulty and not simplify the assumptions of ending these lives is turned on its head.” The discussion had already taken place within the Conference of European Bishops even before the European Parliament's decision. It's in the same direction Massimo Gandolfini, family day facilitator, “Adding abortion to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is a divisive ideological imposition, which interferes with the different sensitivities of European peoples and which threatens the sovereignty of states on sensitive ethical issues on which there cannot be of diktats on the political level. a part of Brussels''.

Massimo Gandolfini, leader of Family Day Handle

Massimo Gandolfini, leader of Family Day

Opposition also expressed by Fdi MEPs. “The vote expressed today by the plenary of the European Parliament on the proposed resolution, supported only by S&D, Renew, the Greens and the Left, on the inclusion of the right to abortion in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, is a worrying indicator of the social project that we have in mind for the future of Europe. And they continue: “As Brothers of Italy, we supported the motion presented by the ECR, which the chamber rejected, which rejects the proposal to modify the Charter of Fundamental Rights in a way that could limit or violate human rights, and which expresses its concern because such discussions go beyond European competences

For the president of the UDC Antonio De Poli, “on abortion, in the European Parliament resolution, the culture of waste and death is hidden. On the contrary, we are for life and remain consistent with our identity and our history.”

Antonio De Poli, president of the UDC Handle

Antonio De Poli, president of the UDC

But despite the voices opposing it, others are in favor. For the vice-president of the European Parliament, the democrat Pina Picierno Yesterday's vote was “historic in the European Parliament as we called for the right to sexual and reproductive health, including the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy, to be included in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights . The freedom of women must always be guaranteed. It echoes him Alessandro Zán. “With today's vote in the European Parliament, abortion becomes a fundamental EU right. This is a historic decision that protects the freedom of self-determination of European women.

For Laura Boldrini “Yesterday is truly a historic day for Europe: a clear warning is also sent, among others, to Member States in which doctors, or even entire structures, refuse access to voluntary termination of pregnancy on the basis of questions of 'consciousness'. Situations that in Italy, unfortunately, we know very well: in many regions it is practically impossible to access abortion, women are often forced to travel all over Italy before finding a doctor or an establishment where they can terminate their pregnancy.

Laura Boldrini Handle

Laura Boldrini

“A historic vote, that of the European Parliament for the CGIL. “Ask to include free and safe abortion among the
fundamental rights of the EU, the European Parliament follows the choice of France which included it in the Constitution, and sends a very strong signal on the protection of women's rights and their self-determination. As if, before the June renewal, they wanted to tell the ultra-conservative right that they are moving forward, that there is no going back,” he says. Lara Ghiglione responsible for gender policies at the national secretariat who however adds: “Let us now work to give respect and content to this historic vote which reminds us that Europe is not only economic and financial, but also an engine for conquering rights for all states. and the inhabitants of the Union.

The position is much more practical and down-to-earth +Europe entrusted to Carla Taibi. “This is an important political signal at a time when some European countries appear to be moving in the opposite direction. However, Parliament's vote is not enough to amend the Union Treaty. In fact, approval The final decision lies with the 27 member countries due to the right of veto. Countries like Italy, Hungary, Malta, Slovakia and Romania will not hesitate to veto abortion and paralyze Europe with it. their retrograde and conservative vision of Europe: say enough and build a Europe without veto.”

Lara Ghiglione, head of gender policy at CGIL CGIL

Lara Ghiglione, head of gender policy at CGIL

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