“By playing together and helping others, the world will improve”

“Dear girls and boys, we are here: we are here because we want to launch this event” he said Pope Francisspeaking at the Olympic Stadium for the first time World Children's Day.

“You brought a breath of joy to the Vatican in November. This conversation needed to continue and expand. This is why we are here today. Continue the dialogue”, then adds the Pontiff, speaking towards 50 thousand people present at the Olimpico, including children and caregivers. The estimate belongs to the organizers. More than a hundred nationalities represented, from Afghanistan to Zambia, via China, theIraqMexico, Iran, Australia, SyriaL'UkraineTHE Palestinejust to name a few.

Peace is always possible» then reminds the Pope, asking the children seated around him to shake their neighbor's hand. He himself shook the hand of one of the little ones: “It’s a gesture of peace” he showed, adding: “By playing together, helping others, the world will be better” underlined the Pope.

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