Donald Trump declared ineligible in Illinois, but does not give up: “I will carry out the largest mass expulsion in the history of the United States”

Donald Trump has been declared ineligible to run in the Illinois primary. But Judge Tracie R. Porter, a Democrat, ruled that the mogul could remain in the race at least until Friday. This way you will have the opportunity to appeal. The decision was made under the 14th Amendment, which prohibits any politician who has “participated in or incited an insurrection” from running. But Donald, fresh from his triumph in South Carolina, won a victory at the Supreme Court: the justices decided to listen to the arguments for and against immunity in the case in which he is accused of having attempted to overturn the outcome of the trial. the 2020 elections. The hearing is set for April 22. And he continues his permanent electoral campaign: in a video on Truth, he promises the largest mass expulsion of illegal immigrants in American history “to drive out illegal immigrants and criminals from Joe Biden”.


The exclusion from the Illinois primary comes after victories in New Hampshire and Iowa, which strongly influenced the outcome of the race. And this, despite the costs of the trials which emptied his campaign coffers. In the meantime, he was banned from doing business in New York for three years and the judge fined him $354 million. His lawyers rejected the sentence as unconstitutional and said they would appeal. Trump was indicted for his role in the Capitol insurrection on January 6, 2021, when hundreds of his supporters stormed Congress to prevent Biden's proclamation. The third section of the 14th Amendment prohibits anyone who has pledged allegiance to the Constitution and subsequently participated in an insurrection from running again for public office.


While waiting for the appeal decision and, above all, the other appeal before the Supreme Court which could annul all the exclusion decisions. Above all, in a message on Truth, he returns to his threats against illegal immigrants: “As president, I will carry out the largest mass expulsion of illegal immigrants in American history. To take out Joe Biden's illegals and criminals, because that's what they are.” The candidate accused Biden “of allowing an invasion of our country by dangerous illegal immigrants.” And that he was indirectly responsible for the death of Laken Riley, the 22-year-old student who was killed. An illegal Venezuelan immigrant has been charged with the murder. Laken, the tycoon said, “had gone to work and never came home .A Biden migrant has been charged with brutally assaulting, beating, kidnapping and killing her.”

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