Stefano Bettarini, former footballer with 150 Serie A appearances, talks about himself today in an interview with Corriere della Sera. Where he talks about his career and his social life. But also his call-up to the national team, the only one: “Trapattoni called me in 2004. I had him at Fiorentina, who in my role had taken Heinrich from Dortmund for 15 billion lire. I had to be his alternative, but I wanted to play: “Sir, you have to go.” “But no, where are you going,” he replied. In the meantime, Mazzone, whom I had met in Cagliari, called me from Bologna. “A' Bettarì, what are you doing here, Trap won't let you play. Come with me.” In January, I joined him. When we found Fiorentina, we won 3-0. I scored from 35 meters. In the press room, I met Trap, I I thought he was furious. He smiled at me, he was happier than me.”

Career and entertainment

Bettarini says he played '17 years, I spent the same number in show business. It's hard for people to forget me. A 13 year old child may not recognize me, but in this case the father intervenes immediately. “Do you know who he is? “. I would live well even if people didn't stop me in the street, but unfortunately that doesn't happen.” He says his latest disqualification from Big Brother VIP for blasphemy was the result of a conspiracy: “Is “Holy shit” is blasphemy? If that's any way to avoid it, I'm a believer too. The truth is, they would have expelled me for any other reason. They had to find an excuse and they found the saddest. For what I always gave to Mediaset, I would have imagined a different treatment. I was banned from the Internet, no one gave me the opportunity to explain my version. But you know , on television as in football, there is no recognition.”

Women at home

Because “inside the house there were women with whom I had had an affair, they were afraid that I would reveal something. They complained to their agents, who put pressure on the perpetrators. They kept the camera on me 24 hours a day, sooner or later they would make me pay for this stupidity. Among the powerful, it is the powerful who win, not Stefano Bettarini. But I'm different from someone who suffers injustice and keeps silent for convenience: if you damage my image, I will make you sweat. I had Signorini indicted for defamation with Patrizia Groppelli because of an article published on WHO in which I was defined as a man to keep away, all muscle and little substance. The first hearing will take place in April.”

Simona Ventura and the investigator

Finally, he tells how he met Simona Ventura: “I was on vacation in Sardinia. I get off the jet ski, take off my life jacket. She turns to Domenico Zambelli, her assistant. “Ah but!”, he exclaims. In the evening, he invites me to dinner at an event, with me also the 12 friends I went with. The mother doesn't take it well. “Why did you call all these people?” Then he sees me and turns to his daughter. “Okay now I understand.” And the separation: “They made me look like a womanizer because it was the most practical solution, I was the weakest in the media. Then he It turned out that the separation actually happened as a result of his betrayal. I hired a private investigator, kept it a secret for a while, then blurted it out. If I had waited, I would have found out much more. I called her and within two seconds I had her lawyer at home.”

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