Singer Umberto Tozzi also announces The Final tour. That is to say the last series of concerts to greet its audience in Europe, North America and Australia. “I'm afraid to cry. This gift that I received and for which I feel privileged is something too special. It will be easier to shed a tear than to breathe a sigh of relief. But there is time before imagining that it will end, for the moment I feel a lot of energy”, he said today to Corriere della Sera. “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time,” he said. Because during the pandemic he fell ill with cancer. Now he is cured: “Without showing the medical file, it was two difficult years during which I was afraid. During this period, the biggest fear was not being able to get back on stage. I'm happy to have succeeded.”


The illness, he says, made him look at life differently: “To be honest, I didn't do any introspection, but I rediscovered myself as a better person. I was born shy, or as I once said, “fuck you,” someone who said “no” a lot. Even now I say 'no', but with a smile.” The tour kicks off on May 7 from Malta and notable dates include the Baths of Caracalla in Rome (June 20) and St. Mark's Square in Venice (July 7). ). “I will realize more than one dream. First of all, to do a concert with a large orchestra: with me on stage I will also have string and wind instruments because I believe that they can highlight this symphonic side that I feel in my music. And then the fact that eight-nine years after the last album, a production of new songs will be released in the fall.”

His songs

Tozzi says he never hated his songs. Not even those like Gloria: “Rather than changing the chords to modernize the repertoire, I have always tried to recreate the atmospheres of the original master. As a fan of others, I don't like hearing modified songs: I would never want to hear Paul McCartney sing “Yesterday” on the piano, it's done on the guitar.” He regrets nothing from his career “not even the missed trains because the prices arrived” and “not even what I wanted and it didn't happen”. He wanted to be a footballer: “If it had gone well, what would I do at that time ?”.

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