Click day for the psychologist bonus is approaching. From March 18 to May 31, 2024, you can submit the request to obtain the contribution for the year 2023 which can be 500, 1,000 or 1,500 euros depending on the ISEE of the applicant, which must in any case be lower at 50,000 EUR. . The bonus will be paid to residents in Italy until the funds planned for the year, i.e. 5 million euros, are exhausted, and allocated on the basis of the ranking established by the INPS. Beneficiaries will receive a unique code to book psychotherapy sessions with participating psychotherapists and psychologists, including many professionals who rely on the Unobravo online psychotherapy platform, particularly popular since the pandemic period. Let's see in detail who can request the psychologist bonus, how to apply for the psychologist bonus, what the amounts are and how the classifications are established.

How to ask

The psychologist bonus can be requested on the dedicated INPS page by citizens residing in Italy whose ISEE does not exceed 50 thousand euros. The exact name of the bonus is “Contribution to psychotherapy sessions”. You can access it via SPID, via Electronic Identity Card (CIE) 3.0 or via National Service Card (CNS). Self-certification is required for ISEE value declaration. It is also possible to request the psychologist bonus by telephone from the Integrated Contact Center, by calling the free number 803164 – free from a landline – or the number 06.164164, from a paid mobile network, depending on the rate of each operator.

The amounts of the psychologist bonus

  • ISEE less than 15 thousand euros > 1,500 euros bonus (50 euros per session).
  • I see between 15 thousand and 30 thousand euros > 1,000 euros bonus (50 euros per session).
  • I see between 30 thousand and 50 thousand euros > 500 euros bonus (50 euros per session).

How are the rankings established?

The methods for establishing the rankings are described in INPS circular no. 34 of February 15, 2024. It specifies: “at the end of the deadline set by the Institute for the submission of applications, the rankings for the award of the service are established, distinguished by Region and Autonomous Province of residence, taking into account the lowest ISEE value”. Therefore, those who need it most will not necessarily be rewarded. But who will be the fastest to fulfill the formalities? For the same ISEE value, the “chronological order of submission of applications” applies. A method which does not allow many of those who need this contribution to access psychotherapy services. Furthermore, “l The completion of the definition of classifications is communicated by a specific message, published on the INPS institutional website.

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