During the final exam, there is a silent scene of protest, student Linda speaks: “I was aiming for 90, but I am satisfied: these Greek test scores are humiliating”

Linda Conchetto is the name of the student at Foscarini High School in Venice who chose to make a silent scene during the final exam to protest the deluge of failures in the second Greek test. He lives in Venice Lido, has a very good academic background and is also a promising track and field athlete. He had no fear in protesting what, according to him, was a real “injustice”. Following this, two other students joined the demonstration. In an interview with Corriere della Serathe eighteen-year-old says that the Greek version “was not particularly difficult. Doing it again at home with my mother, who has degrees in Greek and Latin, I only identified one mistake that could be called such.” The decision to abandon the oral exam, he explains, was difficult. “I thought about it until the end but the votes, in general, were really very low and for no reason. I couldn't remain helpless,” he says in conversation with Costanza Francesconi. “The committee was taken aback, I was the first from the institute to take the oral exam. My younger sister goes to the same school, I don't want her to suffer such injustice, I felt disrespected,” she adds.

Because he won't be rejected

The student will not risk failing; however, you will have the bitter taste of having to settle for complacency. “I wanted to go over 90, I’ll settle for a little over sixty. On the other hand, I attended the oral exam, perhaps I did not study. Even with the minimum, I pass,” he explains. On the second test, he got a positive mark, while around ten other classmates got a three. “I can't explain so many I presented myself with an 8 in Greek on my report card and my whole class had a good average. I asked the commissioners to review the version together, at the beginning there was resistance and anyway. there was no way to change things,” the student continues. “I believe the Greek external commissioner held his ground but gave different treatment to another section.”

The shadow of disagreements between teachers

In fact, as has already been mentioned previously, the students argue that the teacher could have been particularly harsh in retaliation for a disagreement with the internal literature teacher. However, the teacher has not yet expressed her opinion on the matter. “I am enrolled at Miami University in Ohio on an athletic merit scholarship. A high final grade might have allowed me to access academic benefits, in the form of a tuition reduction. But it was a question of principle,” adds Linda, who will request access to the documents, but does not plan to appeal.

Cover photo: Linda Conchetto / Facebook

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