Antonella Di Massa disappeared in Ischia and found dead by “Who saw it?” : why she is also being investigated for murder

There is a detail that could explain why Antonella Di Massa, who disappeared from Casamicciola in Ischia on February 17, was only found dead yesterday by the correspondents of Who saw ?. Indeed, from the first forensic examination, the body “presented no apparent trace of violence”. But doctors also found bruises. Compatible with a fall. Or with blows. And therefore, even if the 51-year-old man is aiming for suicide, the Naples prosecutor's office does not now exclude the possibility of murder. This is also due to another factor: although she had been missing for nine days, the woman had only been dead for 24 hours when her body was found in Succhivo, on private land, under an orange tree. This may explain why previous research has failed. And open a mystery on the island.

The Casamicciola mystery

Backtracking. Antonella Di Massa disappears from her home in Casamicciola Terme on February 17. He takes the car and heads towards Succhivo, a hamlet in the municipality of Serrara Fontana. She leaves the car parked in the neighborhood and walks away: witnesses noticed her. The next day, it was her husband who raised the alarm. On the island, plagued in previous weeks by other cases of suicide, we immediately think of the worst. Police almost immediately found his car and, inside, his cell phone. The woman is wanted for 10 days. Even with molecular dogs, Civil Protection and Financial Police. Even cavers and Red Cross volunteers are involved. The disappearing zone is being beaten inch by inch. The firefighters also use a drone equipped with a thermal scanner. And a Fiamme Gialle helicopter flies over the area for hours for possible observations. Which don't happen.

Francesco Paolo Del Re and Marco Monti

Then local reporters and correspondents from the Rai3 show Francesco Paolo Del Re and Marco Monti arrive on site. They reconstruct the woman's alleged journey from the car left in the Succhivo parking lot. And they arrive directly on the private land where the woman's body is located. The discovery takes place in an area that extends over one square kilometer from the point where it was last recorded by parking cameras. Journalists immediately alerted the police, who cordoned off the area and opened an investigation. The forensic team arrives on the island in the afternoon. The body was seized and transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the II Polytechnic of Naples for the autopsy. And then comes the news of the death which dates back 24 hours earlier.


A death that is not immediate in relation to the disappearance opens new horizons for the investigation. For it is clear that in the eight days preceding her death, the woman could only have been alive at that time. What did he do? Why did she hide? Was she alone? Or did someone only find the body when the police stopped the search? During the initial investigation, many believed that Di Massa had spontaneously taken the ferry or hydrofoil to Naples. So much so that investigators requested the collaboration of shipping companies. But in vain. On the Panza square, the molecular dogs had spotted some traces of the woman. So much so that it was speculated that after abandoning the car, the woman took a bus.


There is more. The woman was found on land bordering a country road which leads to numerous homes and farmland. In this area, partly impermeable but small, the molecular dogs had passed several times in recent days. And the owners of the land stopped the day after Antonella's disappearance. Without finding anything in particular. The police had carried out searches in the area from Panza to Sant'Angelo. The example they followed was that the woman was hidden in the house of someone who was helping her stay away from her family. However, the corpse was wearing thick clothes, a hood over its face, and a black plastic bag next to it. It is for this reason that the puzzle becomes more and more dense.

Federica Sciarelli and Who Saw It?

Meanwhile, the presenter of Who Saw It? Federica Sciarelli spoke about the discovery with AdnKronos: “'My correspondents were shocked, we had spoken to the father yesterday and since the search had stopped, we continued it and finally we found her.' And again: “We never gave up. We always do our own research too, we have always worked with this in mind. »

“This morning, we were walking the path that some witnesses had told us was the one taken by the woman, who appeared hooded in a video, and at a distance of twenty meters from the place where she was last seen, we noticed that there was a piece of fenced land and a half-unhooked gate that closed off private property,” explained Francesco Paolo Del Re. “We simply retraced the steps of the woman filmed by the last camera , we listened to the witnesses and we are the only ones who can confide the calls.”

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