No classes for pro-Palestinian students. This is not exactly what the famous actor Robert De Niro was doing in the short clip which has been circulating insistently in recent hours, particularly on pro-Israeli accounts, and also relaunched in this sense by Haaretz. As reconstructed mainly by Open, and later verified by other prestigious international media, in these scenes De Niro was in fact shouting at someone to stop: “It's not a movie, it's real. You have to listen, you have to care. If you accept trivial things, you must go home. » But no, he was not saying that he was targeting pro-Palestinian and perhaps even “pro-Hamas” demonstrators, as various testimonies insinuate on De Niro's spokesperson himself confirmed the true version events, after journalistic work of reconstruction News week. The association with the events of October 7 and the protests in Gaza is “totally false,” said Stan Rosenfield, who represents the actor. So what is it about? “This is 100% a scene from a play from De Niro's Netflix TV series Day Zero, in which his character talks to aliens,” Rosenfield further confirmed. As revealed today in preview by Open. The weekly itself reminds us News week, which thanks “fact-checker David Puente” for “examining and debunking the claim in this viral video.” In the miniseries Zero Day, De Niro plays a former American president (George Mullen) who finds himself confronted with a hacker attack. The plot is a mix of conspiracy theories, where the protagonists must discover the truth in the face of a world in crisis. This is the first television series in which De Niro stars. In the meantime it's Haaretz that the first account to have broadcast the video (I am Tirtzu – @IMTItionism) deleted their respective content, following the revelation of the slip-up.

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