Hits, shoves, attacks and even punches: such is the chaos in which the match between Vis Mediterranea di Montoro (Avellino) and Trastevere Soccer ended. The match, valid for the Serie C championship, ended in a draw (1-1), won on a corner by the Irpinia players, and with the expulsion of four Roman players and two players from Irpinia. One of the match's 500 spectators also intervened in the chaos by entering the pitch and punching a Trastevere player. It is not yet clear what caused the fight between the athletes. After the final whistle, the players were preparing to return to the locker rooms at the Sandro Pertini stadium in Montoro when the tumult began. The man who intervened by hitting one of the players seems to have already been identified by the carabinieri.


Ivan Montefusco, president of the Irpinia club, said: “Nothing reprehensible has ever happened on our pitch. We have always stood out for fairness and sportsmanship, which is why we condemn and disapprove of any violence.” This was echoed by the president of Trastevere, Pier Luigi Betturri, who defines himself as “still shocked”: “In yesterday's match the epilogue could not have been worse, with a pseudo coach hitting our captain Alice Ferrazza in the chin with a violent punch Vis Mediterranea will also win the championship, but she. hung on its banner a gesture of infinite opprobrium: the violence of men against women in civilian life has also moved to the football fields.

“The visiting team knew the attacker”

The president of the Roman team hopes that “sporting justice and especially ordinary justice will pronounce exemplary sentences so that the sporting victory which will certainly be won by Vis Mediterranea appears even more shameful and unworthy”. In a note published by the team, the dose was also increased, claiming that the visiting club allegedly denied knowing the man who attacked Ferrazza, “although he was announced on 02/16/2024 as the new coach of the team on social networks and in various newspapers on women's football”.

A photo of the clash from the Sport Channel 214 report

Cover picture: Sports channel 214

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