The driving test has become more difficult Or do you study less to cope with the test? In 2023, second data from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, 39.9% of Italians those who took the theoretical exam to obtain the B driving license did not pass the exam, an increase from 29.8% in 2020. Lazio (44%), Tuscany (42.9%) and Trentino Alto Adige (42.8%) are the regions with the highest failure rate..

The study reveals that in addition to the personal abilities of aspiring licensees, passing the exam has an impact the candidate's anxiety and the examiner's attitude to stress. But what would happen if drivers who passed the exam took the exam have you had a B license for more than 5 years?

Beyond 2,700 AutoScout24 users participated in a simulation and answered 20 questions quiz (the current official test has 30) selected from those validated by the Ministry of Equipment and Transport and used during the examination. To pass the test, users had to make no more than 2 errors.

The result of the simulation (carried out by AutoScout24 and Egaf editions, in collaboration with the main Italian driving school associations Confarca and Unasca) is that only Today, 22.3% of Italians would pass the exam. Among the regions, they vary from 6.9% “promoted” in Molise to 28% in Emilia-Romagna and 31.7% in Lazio.

The data highlights the importance of achieving constant updates even after obtaining the license, taking into account the continuous changes to the highway code that have occurred in recent years.

But it is not a complete failure, given that the national level champion has correctly answered 15 questions out of 20 on average.

Among the most common mistakes are quizzes on lights and warning signs while driving: in first place overall intersections (52% of member errors), followed by public transport stops and roundabouts which divert traffic from the main road (49%), e then the parking lots, incoming and outgoing (33%). But there are also other factors that influence the final result, such as the size of the city and the difficulty of the roads, also taking traffic into account (for 76% of driving schools).

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