Today, Friday April 3, Teresa Mannino chaired the presentation of the candidates for the 2024 David di Donatello awards at the Quirinale. Reading the list of candidates for the different categories, the comedian joked with director Paola Cortellesi, present in the front row, about the 19 nominations obtained for this edition with her first film. “There is still tomorrow”.

“There is no point in you looking away from Paola (Cortellesi, editor’s note). 19 nominations for a debut work, that never happened, we mean, how did that happen? The exhibitors said 'finally someone came to the cinema, let's give this girl some prizes,'” Mannino said. “They added categories for you Paola, did you know that? Best runner, best red pizza or white pizza , best generator in the motorhome group You feel guilty, don't you, knowing her discretion, she now feels very guilty and would like to give some to charity, but that's not possible? he added. “He says he won't get any awards, you have 19 nominations, at least you'll win one, prepare a speech and don't go in unprepared to say you didn't expect it. You're like the guy who buys 20 cards in the Christmas raffle, you're both sure of that. Congratulations Paoletta and thank you because it’s money that goes to the whole sector,” the presenter finally joked, amid laughter from the audience, including Cortellesi.

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