Covid and flu, Moderna ready to launch the ambivalent vaccine: “It is more powerful than the two antidotes combined”

A single, ambivalent vaccine against Covid-19 and influenza with a better protection rate against both types of virus than single antidotes. That is the promise of Moderna. The Massachusetts pharmaceutical company announced that it has completed the third phase of clinical trials for the drug based on mRNA technology that appears to be particularly effective in patients over 50 and that could arrive on the US market once approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ambivalent vaccines are often difficult to produce and work less well than the sum of individual vaccines. But thanks to mRNA technology, with which a large part of the Covid vaccines have also been developed, Moderna claims to have found an effective way to combine several antidotes into one.

Benefits for children

mRNA is a molecule made up of nucleic acids and its main purpose is to tell cells which proteins to make. Vaccines based on it inject mRNA into cells to create copies of antigens. These in turn bind to antibodies produced by the immune response, thus preparing the body for possible infection. Being able to put different instructions in the same medicine helps eliminate the risk of chemicals needed for traditional vaccines reacting with each other when combined. Innovation, we continue reading Naturecould bring particular benefits to vaccines normally given in the early years of life, when children need to have many vaccinations, thereby reducing the number of injections needed for basic vaccinations.

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