Italy has adopted Luciano Spalletti and not just as a coach. Rain of public contributions on his hotel and his agricultural business

The last transfer of a modest sum (128.64 euros) arrived on June 17 from the Tuscan regional agency Artea to the account of the agricultural company Safe and its owner probably has not yet noticed it: he was in fact Luciano Spalletti, the coach of the national football team who, at that time, was still busy with the disastrous performance at the European Championships in Germany.

Support from the Tuscany Region for the choice of organic farming

However, this latest transfer only represents the balance of the contributions that Artea has made in the last year to Spalletti's agricultural business, of which his wife, Angela Tamara, is the sole director. In fact, in twelve months, 20,770.85 euros in public aid arrived via various bank transfers, most of which was intended for a “green” reason: the company's choice to introduce and then maintain organic farming. The sum is considerable because the company has a turnover of less than 200 thousand euros and in the last balance sheet filed it recorded a loss of 3,143 euros. The Italian State also transferred to Safe on 31 May 2023 a non-refundable contribution of 2 thousand euros to compensate for the restrictions suffered with Covid (which no longer existed that year) and it is clear that the Spalletti farm without public aid would have had very significant losses compared to income.

Transfers also from the central state as Covid aid also in 2023 and 2024

The Italian state has obviously adopted the national team coach in every way, not just for the salary obviously paid for this position. Because last year, public aid also arrived for the second company owned by Spalletti and of which Luciano is also the sole director: La Rimessa srl ​​​​of Montaione in the province of Florence. This is a company that manages renovated farmhouses in the countryside of this Florentine city as B&B, also with a turnover of less than 200 thousand euros and with a small profit of 1,476 euros in the latest balance sheet filed with the Chamber of Commerce. 6,206.89 euros in contributions arrived from the Italian state to compensate for the Covid restrictions, all in 2023 with the exception of a transfer of 407 euros for the balance issued on April 4.

The hotel is located in the Florentine countryside, but this summer there is little availability.

The hotel complex owned by Spalletti is divided into five different structures, one of which is itself divided into two apartments: Casa Matilde, Casa Marcello, la Fornace (1 and 2), Il Fienile and La Casa padronale. The smaller structures can accommodate four people in two bedrooms each with their own bathroom, while the Barn can accommodate 8 people in 4 bedrooms each with their own bathroom and the main house has 5 bedrooms with a bathroom capable of accommodating up to 10 people. There is still some availability for this summer, but not much because many facilities are already booked. Prices vary depending on the period and structure. In August, they vary between approximately 270 and 650 euros per night depending on the size of the structure.

Luciano himself welcomes the guests by explaining the analogies between nature and football

On the La Rimessa website, it is Luciano Spalletti himself who welcomes potential customers, also publishing a video in which he explains the philosophy of this country hotel. “La Rimessa,” explains the national team coach, “is not only intended to be a vacation destination, but to offer an experience, a return to simple, forgotten emotions, between nature and animals.” Spalletti then adds: “According to our philosophy, every person can own land on this planet, but they can never own the beauty above it. It belongs to nature and we must take care of it and share it with others. » The national team coach concludes: “I find many similarities between coaching and producing wine. Both activities allow you to work outdoors, create strategies, content and find solutions. And then of course, there are the results…” Well, those were missing against Italy. We have to hope that things went better for him with the wine…

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