Beppe Grillo on the attack on the M5 crisis: “Enough of the pipers: there are those who have families, those who won the electoral lottery”

Beppe Grillo attacks the “Others”, who from his blog seems to once again attack Giuseppe Conte and the leaders of the Movement, after the electoral failure in the European elections and the once again strong pressure to abolish the constraint of two mandates. for elected officials. The founder of the M5 does not name names, but cites the interview he gave himself in which he effectively rejected all the changes discussed within the Movement. Changes which, according to L'Elevato, risk transforming Grillini's activists into politicians equal to others. “My thoughts became circular and intertwined – writes Grillo – So I interviewed myself and I waited… To receive from the Others the very odious and very bad me that I had already seen a thousand times. But who are the Others? – asks Grillo – People love me. So they too are very hateful and very mean? Oh no, this time I won't let myself be caught: I want to think that these are people who are hurt, fragile, tormented and in need. »

After the face-to-face meeting in Rome with Conte and other leaders of the Movement, Grillo attacks in a sort of collection of the voices collected: “There is the Other who has a family and who cannot accept that which was unjustly given to him to be rightly expelled. There is the Other who won the electoral lottery and who does not want to give in. There is the Other who says everything and the opposite of everything so as not to displease anyone, ending up displeasing everyone. There is the Other who is only good at criticizing the Other. And so on”.

Grillo then says he doesn't want to accept it and engages in a sort of “turning the other cheek” when he writes: “There is nothing wrong, let's be clear, because we are all like That. It is for this reason that we must love others as ourselves. After all, we are the most egocentric animals on the planet. It's not our fault”. And finally comes the indication of the founder of the M5 on the way in which his Movement should envisage the future. A future however which does not seem so close: “Except that it is precisely on the awareness of what Others are, and therefore of what we are, that we must base our rules. We are the fools who really tried, to the point of demanding our own disappearance once the work is done. a day will come when institutions will no longer be infested by Others, when we will no longer depend on bagpipes and when we will decide our own destiny, where we will think about the future of the young and not the old Perhaps, but that. is not today.”

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