Today, June 9, 2024, Asia Argento celebrates a very special birthday, even “more important than her birthday”: “Three years ago, my journey of rebirth began. Today I celebrate my 3 years of sobriety”, announced the actress on Instagram. Who also tells how she managed to cross the finish line, by abstaining from alcohol and drugs: “With With the help of my siblings and the 12-step program, I'm getting there, one day at a time. And this lifestyle, in addition to being beautiful, is much easier to follow than I imagined. .I wouldn't trade the hardest, worst day of abstinence for the best day of use.”

The world when it is sober

When you are sober, she says again, everything is different: “The program works, it really works. I think differently, I speak differently, I dream differently when I'm sober. It's my almost fifty-year-old face, finally serene.” A personal success also due to the support of those who were by his side, who took the opportunity to thank: “Thank you to my beloved godfather and above all thank you to my children for supporting and loving me then and now as I learn to understand who I really am.” Under the post, many friends from the entertainment world wanted to express their support, from Francesco Montanari to Max Gazzè. And Elena Sofia Ricci, who affectionately commented: “Be proud of yourself! You are more and more beautiful and bright.”

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