USA, the villa of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck put on sale for 65 million dollars. Divorce rumors grow stronger

Although the news of the alleged crisis between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck has had no official confirmation or denial from those directly involved, the rumors their love at the end of the line becomes stronger. Especially after the announcement of the sale of the villa in Beverly Hills that the couple had purchased a little over a year ago. Paying $60 million for it: an exorbitant price, but still lower than they would try to put it back on the market with. That’s $65 million. Perhaps due to the enormity of the figure, no bidders have come forward at this time.

The villa

However, even if the sale goes through, the economic conditions of the (ex?) couple would not improve much. This is due to a new tax on luxury homes, money invested in improvements, as well as real estate agent commissions. The indiscretion which speaks of the couple's attempts to get rid of the villa arises from an ad published on the real estate market site Zillow in early June, containing photos of the property. A huge structure, with 17 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms and parking for 80 vehicles. But also an indoor sports complex, a bar, outdoor deckchairs, a swimming pool and a large plot of land.


The rumors about the alleged upcoming divorce were born from certain “clues”. First of all, the observations of Ben Affleck, photographed without a wedding ring on his finger. So how does he rebuild the daily event, the rumor according to which the Hollywood actor has found a new rental accommodation in Brentwood (a chic district of Los Angeles). According to a source interviewed by American newspapers, Affleck feels “worn out by marriage” and, unlike his wife, he would like to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible. Jennifer Lopez, in all this, would still be looking for a house.

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