Fratelli d'Italia MEP Carlo Fidanza should be one of the leaders of Giorgia Meloni's party in the European elections on June 8 and 9. But in the meantime, the European Parliament wants to give him money back. These are the European funds that the man who found himself in the (archived) investigation into the black lobby paid to young Jacopo Acri. Acri was Fidanza's parliamentary assistant in Strasbourg. But according to a now definitive conviction for the offense of corruption for the exercise of functions, it was rather a bribe. The one that Fidanza paid to Jacopo's father, Francesco, so that the latter would resign from his post as councilor of the municipality of Brescia in favor of Giangiacomo Calovini.

Corruption for the exercise of functions

THE Corriere della Sera recalls today that Fidanza had hired Jacopo, 17, as a local assistant in Milan. He paid him with money from the European Parliament. A thousand euros per month which reaches around 16 thousand. A year ago, Fidanza negotiated the sentence with Calovini with the agreement of prosecutors Cristiana Roveda and Giovanni Polizzi. Or 30 thousand euros in damages for the municipality of Brescia and a sentence of one year and four months, of course suspended. Fidanza asked Acri Senior to resign as part of a struggle between internal factions in the party. The dispute between FdI members culminated in Rome, where Fidanza, Calovini and Acri met twice to reach an agreement. In the documents there is also a conversation in which Calovini himself says that “Giorgia knows everything.”

The discussions

While Fidanza wrote: “Have we understood what Acri wants? If it can help to remove him to facilitate the exit, I am available to give him an annuity of a thousand euros per month until the end of the legislature. Maybe by signing not him but someone, he said. No sooner said than done. This is how the young Acri became an assistant in Milan for Fidanza. Getting him in trouble with the European Parliament. Today, the Director General of Finance of Strasbourg, Didier Klethi, asks the Milanese judicial services to assess the advisability of initiating proceedings to recover undue payments against MP Fidanza, in relation to the sums received by him in as parliamentary assistance compensation for the hiring of Mr. Jacopo Acri”. Meanwhile, Acri senior requested to settle for 1 year and 4 months under the name of Fidanza. Undertaking to pay the 16 a thousand euros of European salaries received by his son from the Ministry's Single Justice Fund.

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