The video was posted by a Palestinian from Gaza and caused quite a stir. A young man shows how, with food aid received from the Americans, children in the Gaza Strip have fun making rudimentary Molotov cocktails which are filmed as they explode. The adult shows the meal bags thrown into the sky (the ones that land with small parachutes). The writing MRE, an acronym for “Meal-Ready-to-Eat”, is clearly visible on the bag. These are food bags distributed by the US armed forces, which contain a cold and heat resistant meal of approximately 1,500 calories. There are different versions so that everyone can eat it without problems of diet or religion (some bags indicate that there is no trace of pork for example).

The bags are the rations normally distributed to the American army

Inside the bags which contain food bars, maple syrup, dried fruit, crackers, drinks and various condiments, is a green bag containing a few bars. It is precisely this bag that is used by children in Gaza to make these rudimentary Molotov cocktails to play with. A portion of these still-wrapped bars is placed in a plastic bottle to which a liquid that looks like water is added. The bottle is closed, shaken vigorously, then thrown a certain distance. The liquid and bars cause it to swell until it explodes with a quiet noise. In Israel, the video circulated with concern, explaining that this is how bombs are created in Gaza with food aid. In fact, based on the images, the bottle appears to have the effect of a powerful firecracker rather than a bomb. And the kids seem to have a lot of fun popping them. Palestinians in Gaza, on the other hand, appear more critical of the contents of these potentially exploding food bars. And in fact, on the video you can see many envelopes stacked without anyone knowing when. However, these portions of food do not last long if not consumed, and once expired, they may actually be harmful to your health.

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