Selvaggia Lucarelli on Chico Forti: “Indications against me? That's his modus operandi.” Then Meloni's attack

After being welcomed with the honors not usually offered to those convicted of murder, the spotlight is returning to the story of Enrico “Chico” Forti. According to an inmate in his own prison, it seems that the lifer extradited from the United States tried to recruit someone from the 'Ndrangheta to “silence” Marco Travaglio, Selvaggia Lucarelli and a third person in exchange for “future favors.” The Verona prosecutor's office has opened a file, Forti has denied all accusations. Meanwhile, through an interview with The imprintLucarelli recounted what he felt after hearing the news. An “initial shock” was followed by Giorgia Meloni's request for intervention. The Prime Minister had her photo taken with Forti upon her return to Italy. An unprecedented image for the tenants of Palazzo Chigi: no predecessor had ever been immortalized with a life prisoner, in the exercise of his functions, to celebrate his transfer from a foreign prison to an Italian one.

Meloni's attack

And this is why Lucarelli invited Meloni to take a position on the alleged threats: “I have not yet heard a word of comment on this from the Prime Minister. I am now in Spoleto, tomorrow – July 6 – I am returning to Milan and I hope that at least the Prime Minister will come to greet me at the motorway toll booth, given that Forti, convicted of murder, went to greet him with great fanfare at the airport on his return from America to Italy. I think we really need a reflection on the vulgar television conspiracy theory that goes hand in hand with the politics of the Italian right.” At this point, Lucarelli gives an interpretation of the Forti case in relation to the Meloni electoral base: “The right is looking for voters in an ignorant population that believes in every conspiracy theory. Both the one for which Forti is considered guilty when he would be innocent, as well as the one on the innocence of two murderers like Rosa and Olindo and on all the bizarre anti-vax theories. I feel like Meloni is winking at this electorate, especially since he never talked about Forti. And welcoming Forti at the airport was a symbolic action that supports the conspiracy theory.

The previous

Returning to the subject that concerns her directly, Lucarelli confided in the justice system, which is already investigating Forti's possible maneuvers in prison. “The investigations will allow us to discover the truth, but apart from the fact that I don't see why they should invent such a story, it is strange that they reveal a modus operandi of Forti, which emerged during the American investigations and that few people have discovered. know about”. And he recalled an episode of the American trial: “During the trial, an informant of the American police, an expert in martial arts, revealed that Chico Forti, years before, unaware of his collaboration with the police, had asked him to find a hitman to kill a man. A lawyer from Miami who was hindering his business. Now Forti is repeating the plan and wants to engage the 'Ndrangheta against me and Travaglio. In fact, it is the same modus operandi, which I don't think the two prisoners were aware of.”

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