What Viktor Orbán expects from the European elections: “A new right-wing majority, this Commission has failed”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expects “two things above all” from the European elections. Strengthen democracy and have a new right-wing majority. This European Commission has failed on agriculture, on war, on immigration, on the economy, now they must leave.” Orbán speaks in an exclusive interview with Newspaper. And he explains that according to him “strengthening democracy means electing a Commission different from the current one which, since the government, is the worst”. But according to the Prime Minister, at the same time as we need a renaissance of the right in Europe, we have a historic opportunity to change the majority. The right-wing parties must collaborate, we are in the hands of two women (Giorgia Meloni and Marine Le Pen, editor's note) who must find an agreement.” While Fidesz will join the European conservative group ECR chaired by Meloni: “We want to to join even if we are aware that there are questions which can divide us in relation to certain parties which are part of it, starting with the vision of the war in Ukraine”, However, in the hypothesis of adhesion to the Identity and Democracy group after leaving the Afd, Orbán affirms that “we have several options, even the hypothesis of a new large right-wing European group, the priority is to do something useful for Europe” .

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