A free, outdoor photographic exhibition with a strong emotional impact to celebrate the beauty of a distant and mysterious island, Sumba, via Luca Beltrami, Piazza Castello, in Milan until June 15.

It is with 30 splendid photos by international photographer Alessandro Bergamini that the world of Sumba, an island in the Indonesian archipelago of the Small Sunda Islands, arrives in Milan, showing its human side, endearing and fascinating, with its inhabitants. with ancient traditions but also the beauty of its nature, its breathtaking landscapes, its dream beaches and the incredible colors of its forests.

Lapopu Waterfalls, located in Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park, has become one of the main tourist attractions in Sumba due to its extreme beauty. (Alessandro Bergamini)

The special project with water as its theme

The exhibition has a special meaning because it is dedicated to the theme of water and was born as part of the Nothing Like Water project wanted by Save the duck, the 100% animal-free outerwear and lifestyle brand, in collaboration with The Sumba Fundation, an Indonesian NGO active on the island to support the local population, through access to water, food and the education of the youngest.

Nihiwatu Beach, one of the largest and most picturesque on the island (Alessandro Bergamini)

An oasis far from mass tourism, to be preserved and saved

The 30 photos in the exhibition, truly spectacular and immersive, were taken in Sumba between July and August 2023 during a trip coordinated by Wise companyin which the photographer Alessandro Bergamini, the journalist Vincenzo Petraglia and the filmmaker Mattia Bianco made contact and witnessed up close the most authentic reality of this place, not yet touched by mass tourism, and of its inhabitants who retain, despite poverty, the pride and elegance of their culture, closely linked to the earth and its ancestral spirit.

The suggestive Palindi Piarakuku hills, in the heart of the island of Sumba (Alessandro Bergamini)

Fascinating villages, horses and ceremonies

Sumba is a wonderful place, with untouched nature: it has a sea of ​​rare beauty, in which it is possible to take a liberating and exciting swim with wonderful horses (respected and loved protagonists of the place) and in the back -country, you can visit primordial villages whose roofs seem to touch the sky, attend the ceremonies of warriors who challenge each other in rituals which resemble dances and which are lost in time.

Mangroves, also known, due to their very particular shape, as “Dancing Trees”, along Walakiri Beach, in the eastern part of Sumba Island. (Alessandro Bergamini)

The number one problem, drinking water

But at the same time, it is an island that must be helped, especially with regard to access to drinking water, precisely the first objective of the Nothing Like Water project by Save The Duck with the Sumba Foundation, which has already created wells in 37 villages.

The village of Ratenggaro in the western part of Sumba, made up of characteristic traditional houses with pointed roofs (Alessandro Bergamini)

The resource of fine fabrics worked by women

With water comes a better life, malnutrition is fought, children can devote themselves to studies and women to work, such as creating fine tissues (the ikat) to resell on the market.,

With good water resources, sustainable development can be achieved, in harmony with the environment.

To be amazed and admired and experience a unique culture and place, the first stop is the Milan exhibition. Not to be missed and open to all.

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The small and charming beach of Mandorak, on the west coast of the island (Bergamini)

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