In 2016, he was Donald Trump's running mate in the election campaign that crowned the American entrepreneur president of the United States against Democrat Hillary Clinton. He was his right-hand man during the four years of his presidency, then supported him again in 2020 during the Republicans' defeat against Democrat Joe Biden. And in 2023, after distancing himself from Trump for what happened after the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021, he offered himself as an anti-Trump candidate in the Grand Old Party primaries. To then withdraw in October, even before the start of the race which, after Super Tuesday a few weeks ago, once again designated the tycoon as a candidate for the next elections in November. The relationship between Mike Pence and Trump was already at an all-time low, but the latest confirmation comes from the voice of the former Republican vice president. “This year I will not support Donald Trump, it’s no surprise,” he said in an interview with Fox“Trump is proposing an agenda that does not reflect the conservative values ​​we have governed, so, in good conscience, I cannot support it.” He nevertheless defended what the Trump administration had accomplished during the four years of his presidency during which he supported it: “I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished,” he added, “but That said, I have already made clear that there are profound differences between me and President Trump on a number of issues. And not just with regard to our constitutional duties, which I exercised on January 6. »

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