Ciro Immobile was physically and verbally attacked while he and his wife walked their 4-year-old son to school. “Incitement to hatred is a crime and must be punished,” he said through his team, explaining that a group of people had confronted him in a threatening manner. The Lazio and national team striker was indicated, in some dressing rooms, as one of the players who led an alleged mob against the current former Biancocelesti coach, Maurizio Sarri. For this reason, Immobile speaks of incitement to hatred “on the part of certain press outlets and journalists via social networks, who, with hateful words, have reported reconstructions that are not inherent in reality”. And he said he wanted to sue for defamation. There would have been at least two episodes of violence: the first Wednesday March 13 against the footballer, the second Thursday against his wife Jessica Melena. Sarri's resignation, after three consecutive defeats in the league, unsatisfactory results and an elimination in the Champions League, left consequences well beyond the locker room. And if anyone was expecting words of reconciliation from Lazio president and Forza Italia senator Claudio Lotito towards one of his most important players, they didn't deliver. . “Are you worried about Immobile? This happens to me every day, I have been living under surveillance for 20 years,” he responded to journalists, on the sidelines of an event at Luiss University, “if you took my cell phone you would find 500,000 death threats against me and my family. Every day. Still, he's not making that big deal, or am I wrong? Period and that’s it, that’s all I’ll say.”

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