File on VIPs and politicians, the investigation in Rome into accusations against FIGC head Gravina regarding TV rights

Perugia's investigation into the alleged dossier of politicians and famous people extends to Rome. For several months, the Roman prosecutor's office has opened a model 45 file, therefore without suspects or hypotheses of crime, on the affair of the TV rights of the Pro League to clarify the activity of the president of the Football Federation Gabriele Gravina, whose name had been mentioned by anti-mafia prosecutor Antonio Laudati, under investigation in Perugia for forgery and abuse of power. As AdnKronos reports, the existence of the investigation is confirmed by the invitation to appear from the Perugia prosecutor for the financing of Pasquale Striano, investigated with 13 other people including Laudati.

According to the Perugia public prosecutor's office, Laudati and Striano “intentionally caused damage” to the head of the FIGC “by assuming illegal activities carried out by Gravina”. This hypothesis would have been supported by an act “falsely certifying that the source of the initiation of the investigative activity was information coming from the Salerno public prosecutor's office”. The investigation in Perugia revealed that behind this act “there was information obtained from Emanuele Floridi – expert in TV rights and considered close to the president of Lazio Claudio Lotito – through meetings promoted by Laudati himself and approved by Striano. As reported by Il Messaggero, Floridi and Lotito have already been questioned as persons informed of the facts by the prosecutor of Perugia, Raffaele Cantone. Floridi was also interviewed by Rome investigators, deputy prosecutor Giuseppe Cascini and prosecutor Sabrina Calabretta, who aim to verify whether the suspicions regarding Gravina's activity were founded or not.

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