It would sound like an informal Skype call, as there is so much audio chaos and so much criticism. But all this is true, everything is institutional. In Milan, the leader of the Forza Italia group, Alessandro De Chirico, insults his PD colleague Alice Arienta during the council committee on institutional affairs and economic development. Strictly online. We were talking about the “Regulations for the authorization of registration of third party trademarks bearing the name of Milan” when Alice Arienta, of the Democratic Party, castigated the leader of the Forza group, Alessandro De Chirico, who intervened without reservation. “Shut up!”, exclaims the Forzista, losing his patience. De Chirico explained that he was in the car to join WeBuild on the stadium issue. The democrat insists, these are not ways to follow, the driver of Forza Italia must stop the car. It was then that the leader of the blue group blurted out: “But go to the park with your children, what are you saying, don’t be moralistic, but be ashamed!” President Mauro Orso, faced with the chaos generated, silenced De Chirico. Reached by telephone at the end of the commission, Councilor De Chirico explained to Corriere that there was no reason to apologize: “For the umpteenth time, Councilor Arienta reprimanded me because I was in the car without the possibility, for safety reasons, of turning in front of the camera and began to act like a teacher saying that races are done by remaining still. Coming from you, who log in from the park or, as happened last summer, during your vacation, you logged in from the pool, I do not accept reprimands. Even though I don't care at all what my colleague Arienta does, from now on I will always point out to her when she logs in away from the PC.”

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