Judge Aileen Cannon postponed “indefinitely” the trial against Donald Trump over the handling of classified documents scheduled for this month in Florida. The trial against the former US president was scheduled to begin on May 20 in Miami, but the judge said there were “too many motions” to consider before starting and did not set an additional date. According to the tycoon's lawyers, some of the documents found in the Mar-a-Lago boxes are damaged compared to when they were seized by FBI agents two years ago. A few days ago, reports the CNN, the legal team said moving documents to other boxes could also be grounds for dismissal. They said they would file a motion to dismiss if the prosecution “fails to reliably demonstrate how it seized and handled key evidence in the case, which will be a central issue in any trial.” Additionally, already in recent days, Judge Cannon suspended the time defendants had for certain pretrial statements and said there would be a subsequent order that would reset pretrial deadlines and hearings. Today the communication of the postponement to a later date.

Admission: documents are now in a different order

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith's office acknowledged in a recent court filing that, at least in some of the boxes obtained during the search at Mar-a-Lago, the documents are now in a different order than when the Justice Department took them into custody. first time. “President Trump and his lawyers are deeply troubled to learn of these facts approximately 11 months after charges were filed in this case,” Trump’s lawyers wrote in their statement. The revelations from Smith's office “raise questions about the investigation and handling of evidence that must be addressed before the case proceeds.” Trump was accused of mishandling national defense information after the FBI seized boxes from his Florida property in August 2022 — classified documents mixed in with the former president's other personal effects. Prosecutors also acknowledged the discrepancy in response to a request last week from Trump's co-defendant, Walt Nauta, to push back some pretrial deadlines. This is the decision today, in a process that risks never starting.

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