German social democratic politician Franziska Giffey, former mayor of Berlin and now the city's senator, was attacked on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 7, by unknown assailants. Giffey was in a bookstore in the Neukölln district of Berlin and was suddenly attacked from behind by a man with a backpack containing heavy objects, with which he hit her in the head and neck, according to what was reported. reconstructed yesterday evening by the police of the German capital. . Immediately afterwards, the attacker fled. Giffey, who also served as Angela Merkel's family minister, then went to hospital for treatment and examinations, which, however, appeared to rule out serious injury or damage. But the new attack on a progressive political figure shakes Germany, just four days after the ambush of SPD leader and MEP Matthias Ecke in Dresden. A group of young people, still unidentified, beat him while he was hanging posters, presumably the same ones who had also attacked an environmental activist shortly before. A far-right motive is suspected, but investigations are still ongoing. In exactly one month we will vote for the European elections: the CDU is well ahead in the polls, with around 30% of voting intentions, but the second party could become the AfD (between 17 and 18%), a party eurosceptic. and full of nostalgia for the Nazi era. Chancellor Olaf Scholz's SPD is currently only third in the polls, with just over 15 percent.

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