The special issue of Dove: new paths

Discovery, from Latin not to cooperateis composed of the particle “say“, which indicates a distance, and “cooperate“, trained by “com“(cum) and “function” (Close). Literally, to discover means to remove that which covers, to expose to view, to find that which was previously hidden, but which already exists. The etymology embodies the essence of exploration: to lift the veil of the unknown to reveal new realities and knowledge. travel time, the new accessory from DOVE which debuts today, was created specifically for redefine the meaning of the departure.

(On the cover, the bells and blue dome of the church of Thira, Santorini. Photo by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino)

Taking the time to travel today means giving way to a new dimension: the discovery of the world, of others and of oneself, of one's soul. Travel is an experience that transforms, that pushes us beyond the limits of everyday life, that opens us to the unexpected and brings us closer to the essence of things, to truths that escape algorithms, because it speaks of unpredictability, of emotions, of human sensation.

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But what's the point of talking about discovering the world when everything is accessible with a simple touch from the screen of a mobile phone? Today with Google Earth we can simulate a flyover of any panorama and, with webcams, see in real time what is happening in a Tokyo square. Precisely, simulate, see, not discover, not reveal. Feel with your body, with your senses, the wonder of Chitwan National Park in Nepalwait with all the slowness that a sunset deserves Santorini or listen to the rhythm of your breathing change as you conquer, step by step, the Path of Freedom in Abruzzo.

The train that brings us closer

Discovering the world is a journey through time and space, a dance between the visible and the invisible that unlocks holistic knowledge of a place that will forever remain a mystery to Google. It’s the (rare) opportunity to navigate within yourself and to meet and get to know other people. The train? Let us think of it as a space, and not as a means, a place where we can lift our gaze and turn it not only towards the panorama, but towards our neighbors. Even a dinner shared with strangers can be a trip. Each departure is always a microcosm of meetings and cultural exchanges, an opportunity to understand and appreciate others, to discover the world through the eyes of those who experience it differently from us. Travel time was created to leave space for discovery, in all its forms. Thus, each destination becomes a chapter in our history that always deserves to be written and reread.

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ALSO READ: the DOVE Travel Time special

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