Recover and promote local fruits and vegetables and, through forgotten Italian excellences, educate for a more ethical consumption of the fruits that the land offers.

It is the commitment ofCitrus, the Italian garden to which the “The Company Is” Award Sustainability', created by Lumsa University and given to the CEO of the company Marianna Palella, in the context ofthe annual “Doing Business in Italy” conference held at the university.

The price is dedicated to young entrepreneurs whofollowing in the footsteps of Lucia Barnaba, the student and culinary blogger who brought the products of her Manduria back into fashion, integrate the principles of environmental and social sustainability into their business models, thus helping to transform the economic fabric towards more responsible practices and respectful of the environment. .planet.

The success story of entrepreneur Marianna Palella and her mother, Paola Pappalardo, managed to give a new look and new life to forgotten citrus fruits like lemon 'verdello' and bergamot, a neglected and almost extinct fruit , by landing them on the shelves of major retailers, within the reach of consumers.

But Citrus' commitment is also reflected in terms of social responsibility by choosing to support scientific research through scholarships financed by company profits, or through fundraising such as the “lemons for research “.

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