Southern Italy is becoming more and more competitive thanks to the creation of training centers to train new professionals and reduce the gap between job supply and demand. Training becomes an essential element for business development in the Bel Paese.

The return of training and the reduction of gap

The 2023 CEC report highlight how corporate training is a strategic investment of prime importance. In view of the available figures, they are reassuring: just think that 40% of budget The average company is dedicated to digital learning and 54% of participating companies believe that training is fundamental to the growth process.

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The south of Italy plays an important role: the gap, that is, the mismatch between business demand and worker supply, is still very high compared to other regions. To fill out the gap Between supply and demand, a few training centers have been created to revive the South. Here are two significant examples

Training centers in Southern Italy

It was founded in Pontecagnano, in the province of Salerno. Educational work, the first vocational training center in southern Italy for welders and installers of industrial installations. The imposing structure was created primarily to reduce the gap between job supply and demand and professionalize young people. This is the new project FMTS Group, professional training agency which places new work challenges at the center of its daily activity. Dedicated to professionalization, it benefits from the collaboration of more than 300 companies linked to sectors such as metallurgy and industrial plant engineering. A hub that aims to make the south of Italy competitive and full of professional personalities essential for the future of Bel Paese.

The center is made up of laboratories and classrooms capable of accommodating up to 80 students, more than 70% of whom are trained on site. “We are proud to launch this new training center. For us, this represents a significant achievement which will give a concrete opportunity to the children of the South Italy who need to enter the world of work” cThis is how Giuseppe Melara, CEO of FMTS Group during the inauguration.

Besides Campania, Sicily also contributes to the constant renaissance of the South. In 2022, the largest training center in southern Italy was born in Modica, in the province of Ragusa. The creation was possible thanks to the ICOTEA university institute, founded by the entrepreneur Tommaso Barone, which already has three active offices in cities such as Milan, Rome and Sassari. Today, the training center continues to grow and trains hundreds of people with a total of 346 courses, 59 topic areas and 61 departmental accreditations.

This is what Tommaso Barone comments to the magazine Forbes:ICOTEA is a project being developed to give new hope to Sicily and all of southern Italy. He wants to enable many young people to stay in their country by training adequately for an increasingly competitive job market. ».

Another objective is to go beyond national borders. In 2024-2025, there will be an increasing emphasis on the internationalization of Sicily. We will try to attract students from all over the world through targeted investments such as the “Marco Polo-Turandot” academic exchange project. The objective is to increase the number of Asian students in Italian universities and training centers, giving them the opportunity to study and train on Italian territory.

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