The charm of three growing sports like tennis, athletics and swimming as a driving force of Italian industry, tourism and agriculture in the world. Four athletes involved: Fiona May, world long jump champion, Lorenzo Patta, Olympic gold medalist in the 4×100 relay, Gregorio Paltrinieri, world swimming champion, and Filippo Volandri, captain of the Italian Davis Cup team.

A single project for three major events

This is the project presented today at the Farnesina which is inspired by three major sporting events scheduled in Rome: the Internazionali BNL d'Italia for tennis, which will take place until May 19, the European Championships of athletics “Rome 2024”, from June 7 to 12, and the Settecolli swimming trophy, from June 21 to 23.

The communication campaign of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the state company Sport & Salute and the government agency ICE will exploit the interest in Italian sport worldwide to increase exports, create jobs and promote well-being general in our country.

Tajani: “Sport is a vehicle of peace and positive messages”

As Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani points out, “especially at this moment when we are facing two wars, in Ukraine and the Middle East, in addition to the situation in the Red Sea, we must send messages of peace. And who better than an athlete to wear it? The history of sport begins with the Olympic Games, a tool to end the wars between Athens and Sparta, and even today it continues to be a message of peace, collaboration and relationships between people. It is no coincidence that relations between China and the United States have resumed thanks to a game of ping-pong. When you attend a sporting event, you carry positive values. »

May: “It’s a great moment for Italian sport”

Also present at the meeting was Fiona May, who said “sport is also important from an education and values ​​perspective. This is not always easy for a woman because sport is above all a man's world. I have two daughters and I always wanted to give girls the opportunity to follow their dreams.”

The long jump champion adds: “Rome 2024 (the European Athletics Championships, editor’s note) is very important because it is the first time since 1987 that they have been organized here. I was 17 at the time, I had just won the European Junior Championships with England, the English federation had not selected me to compete and I was terribly disappointed. Sport attracts children and for athletes the present moment is a wonderful moment. I told my daughter (Larissa Iapichino, Fiamme Oro long jumper, editor's note): 'Competing here in Rome with the encouragement of the Italian fans is a gift for them and for you'.

Sports economy figures

Matteo Zoppas, president of the ICE, recalls that “the economy linked to sport is equivalent to 24 billion in turnover, including 10 billion in exports, and half a million jobs. The inclusion of Made in Italy in major events like those planned in Rome between now and June becomes the means of asserting Italian production in a sporting context.

While for Marco Mezzaroma, head of Sport & Salute, “it is not only the sports industry, but sectors such as health and agri-food can also benefit from this campaign. Sport is an opportunity to promote a correct lifestyle and healthy diet. »

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