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Yes in Romagna there is also the sea. But it is also a land of history, art and culture, with the contribution of the major musical and theatrical events that summer involves. Squares, castles, Renaissance villages (all appointments are on

Jazz, with big names like Paolo Fresuto an essential master Riccardo Muti who on July 7, in Ravenna, conducts his Cherubini youth orchestra and the choir of Siena Cathedral. Music for all preferences, even one Sanliscio Festivalthe first international dance music festival, a Gatteo Mare, dedicated to popular dances ( Without forgetting the Pink nighta colossal event that has been colorful for 18 years 110 kilometers from the Romagna Rivierafrom Rimini to Lidi Ferraresi.

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Ravenna Festival

There is a common thread that unites musical events, and that is Ravenna Festival (, of international scope, with a program reminiscent of Stendhal syndrome. And events that move from the city of mosaics throughout the territory to the places affected by last year's floods.

How's it going ? Russiansan unfairly little-known village which houses a Roman villa with mosaics, in an ecological rebalancing zone protected by WWF and Legambiente, and a 17th century noble residence decorated with frescoes, San Giacomo Palacewhich welcomes, on July 5, Don Antonio and Calexico: Don Antonio is an experimental musician from Emilia and Calexico is the fusion name, between California and Mexico, of an American alternative country, jazz and post rock group.

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Still at the Palazzo San Giacomo di Russi, the The Long Night of BalFolk. And what music, the traditional music of the Apennines, alternating with violinists from Poitou and the magic of Breton Celtic notes!

Ferrara Busker Festival, event of street artists and musicians

Trebbo in music 2.4

The Ravenna Festival is involved in Trebbo in music 2.4 (trebbo means meeting of friends) all'Arena of the Stadio dei Pini Of Milan Marittima to celebrate, the June 27I 70 years of My Romagna.

Riccarda, daughter of legendary author Secondo Casadei, will also be present. On June 30, another evening of celebration, with theTribute to Piero Piccioni (who played with Charlie Parker in New York), author of more than 300 Italian cinema soundtracks.

Grand finale, July 4, with Paolo Fresu and the Cuban pianist Omar Sosa: their partnership produced the album Foodwith background noises recorded in restaurant kitchens.

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Santarcangelo Festival

Ten days (July 5-14) seem few to participate in the 170 exhibitions of 30 companies from the four corners of the world during the Santarcangelo Festival (, which has enlivened the magnificent medieval village in the hinterland of Rimini for 54 years: one of the most intense theater, dance and show events in Italy, which attracts around 25 people every summer 000 people.

This year's theme, While we are here, because each show transports the public into current issues, from ecology to decolonialism, including poverty, like the tableau vivant Murillo Of Claudia Castellucci (July 10-11), Silver Lion at the 2020 Venice Biennale, which shows the multiple ways people reach out to ask for alms.

Santarcangelo Festival, 130 music, dance and theater shows

Between Rimini and Verucchio

From Santarcangelo you can go down to Rimini for the concerts Crossroads (, a very important jazz festival spread throughout the region, with stops in Bagnacavallo, Rimini, Ravenna, Lugo. HAS Riminiin the Augustinian courtyard, adjoining the church with 14th century frescoes (Giotto school).

On June 23, a mambo evening will take place with jazz trombonist and composer Mauro Ottolini, his Ottovolante orchestra and the Gardadanze dancers. Then, on July 13, the final concert with the child prodigy of jazz (and rock) guitar Matteo Mancuso, now contested by all the important festivals, in Italy and abroad.

Another meeting with an Italian star, Carmen ConsoliJuly 27 at Verucchio Music Festival ( this is the opportunity to discover this harmonious village, 17 kilometers from Rimini, dominated by the Rocca Malatestiana, with an archaeological museum of international scope for the discoveries of the Villanovan civilization which then evolved into Etruscan civilization.

A concert during the Ferrara Summer Festival

Ferrara Summer Festival

Ferrara it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a Renaissance city, with the Po Delta and the Delizie, stately residences of the Este dynasty. And it is precisely the 15th century Benvigante’s Delightin Argenta, to host the last evenings of Ferrara under the stars (, with a performance, on July 8, of Fantastic Negritomusician who won a three-time Grammy Award for his contemporary blues albums, and on July 9 with the great return of GFPPremiata forneria Marconi.

The progressive rock band applauded around the world (even by the Queen Mother at the Royal Albert Hall in London) will party with Andrew's Birthday their musical partnership with the Genovese singer-songwriter, revisiting songs from the album The good newson which they collaborated.

In the city there is also the Ferrara Summer Festival (, with two flagship events: June 22, Air, a French duo who wrote the history of electronic music by enchanting David Bowie and Julian Beck; on July 8, in the 15th century Piazza Ariostea immortalized in a painting by Giorgio De Chirico (The great metaphysician, 1917), we will come back to applaud Pooh. While waiting for the month of August and, from the 21st to the 25th, the joyful invasion of musicians and street artists for the very famous Public Entertainers Festival (

The Pink Night: dancing on the beach of Riccione

The Pink Night 2024

In Romagna, New Year's Eve is celebrated in summer, since 2006, with the colossal event of Pink night. One of the most gigantic nocturnal waves in Europe which extends over 110 kilometers of coastline, from Rimini to Lidi FerraresiThis year from July 5 to 7.

Hundreds of free concerts, parties that invade the squares, the streets, the clubs, the beaches. Where everything is pink, from fireworks to disco lights, to the local street food sauce, piadina, to the facades of hotels and restaurants, to the art installations on the streets.

The theme for 2024 will be Weekend dance, that is to say all types of dance, from country-folk to rock, from disco dancing to hindi hop. And of course, thanks to which the Romagna are considering submitting their candidacy for UNESCO intangible heritage. And on July 4 there will be a big ballroom dance in the central Cavour square, in Rimini.

Tribute, as elsewhere, to the 70th anniversary of My Romagna (which is a waltz) from Secondo Casadei, the regional patriotic anthem that people sang last year while shoveling mud from the floods.

But soft music is also evolving: there is a new generation of musicians who are relaunching and renewing it, to be heard in the official preview of the Notte Rosa, on July 1 in Gatteo Mare, with Birichina, Casadei according to the young people.

On the website it is possible to know all the events location by location, as well as travel information, to move along the coast with transport such as the Metromare between Rimini and Riccione. And to discover the other “prequel” events of the Pink Night, which respect its color.

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Like the suggestive Carmina Burana At Charterhouse of Ferrara at sunset, when the sky turns pink. And intense pink lights will accompany (from June 24 to 30) the Ferrara quay for Rio Latino, dedicated to Latin American dances and rhythms. On there is the possibility of booking hotels. Everything is simple and easy when you believe in life in pink.

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