so the climber takes a selfie next to the Madonnina

The rap music, the view from below of the Milan Cathedral, the subjective view going up the stairs and then the panorama from above, undoubtedly from the top of the cathedral, symbol of the city.

These are the exploits immortalized in a video by Dedelate, a very young climber who decided to publish the stunt on his social profile. Thin, white T-shirt, blond hair blowing in the wind: in some images, we can see her legs dangling in the air then framed next to the golden face of the Madonna statue. Once the climb is finished, he cools off at a fountain.

The boy is no stranger to such feats. On his profile, which has around 30,000 subscribers, photos of other similar undertakings are published, including climbs of the Sforza Castle, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the Central Station. In many of them he does not hide his angelic face and among the comments we read that he is “a legend of Milan”.

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