Six hours a day online. This is the digital rhythm of Italians, as the report reveals Digital 2024Of We are social. 88% of us spend a good portion of our time glued to our screens, scrolling through six different social platforms for more than two hours a day. It's a bit like Trilussa's chicken, maybe we're not all so exaggerated. Or maybe yes? And then there is the bombardment of images: thousands per day, astronomical figures if we think of the few dozen paintings, curtains and frescoes that a man in the Middle Ages saw in a year.

Not to mention the new evolution that artificial intelligence is preparing for us. Champions of the leap into the future, we become masters of navigate this complexity without fear. And travel too ORbecomes a means of knowing oneself and the world, a modern Diogenes lantern which guides us in the labyrinth of contemporary transformations.

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Be simple, be human: rediscover simplicity, humanity

In this context, OR renews itself with creative courage and proposes a bold direction with the idea Be simple, be human: in the simplicity of being, rediscover the essence of the human experience. A choice that is reflected in a refined new graphic project that interprets the need to connect with the cultures and people you meet along the way.

Be simple this means reducing the superfluous, by focusing on increasingly sustainable and conscious tourism. Appreciate simplicity as a richness and not as a lack, seeking beauty and pleasure in authenticity and authentic things. Far from clichés and banalities. Be human highlights the importance of celebrating humanity in every journey: valuing personal stories, local traditions, real-life encounters, rather than just scratching the surface of tourist attractions.

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From Mauritius At Mississippiof Salento At Sardiniahas Crete, they are not just vacation destinations, but places full of stories of rebirth, resilience and discovery. Our correspondents weave stories with careful attention to detail, offering images and words full of humanity. It's our way of being, it's our story for 33 years, but always projected into a fascinating future.

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