Saman Abbas's father returns to accuse his brother for the death of the 18-year-old from Novellara, killed on the night of April 30 to May 1, 2021. Shabbar Abbas continues to deny that he only thought of wanting to remove the life for the girl. with his wife, still at large in Pakistan. The man, sentenced to life in prison with his wife, invites the young girl's brother and uncle, Danish Hasnain, to “tell the truth”. And he insists that his cousins ​​Nomanhulaq Nomanhulaq and Ikram Ijaz were present the night of the crime and are hiding other information. Uncle Danish Hasnain was sentenced to 14 years in prison, while his cousins ​​were acquitted by the ruling of the Reggio Emilia Assize Court on April 19.

The accusations against his brother

Shabbar Abbas made new spontaneous statements to Reggio Emilia investigators, with the report filed in view of the appeal documents of the April 19 sentence that convicted him. The man also revealed a plan he wanted to make with his brother to punish his daughter's boyfriend, in case he showed up at their house to take her away. “I want to know who killed my daughter,” reiterated the Pakistani before prosecutor Gaetano Paci and investigators from the Reggio Emilia Carabinieri, assisted by an interpreter and his lawyers Enrico Della Capanna and Simone Servillo. Saman Abbas' father says he suspects the three relatives: “When I heard in Pakistan that all three had fled, then I understood that it was all three, there is no doubt.” However, once again he could not tell investigators who did what. “Why doesn’t the Dane tell the truth? He knows everything.”

The plan to teach Saman Abbas' boyfriend a lesson

Shabbar Abbas then explained that he had discussed on the phone with his brother Danish Hasnain the possibility of the girl's boyfriend, Saquib, coming to their house to take the 18-year-old girl. Shabbar Abbas said he agreed with his brother on a plan to punish the boy. Hasnain allegedly told Danish “not to hit him so hard that an ambulance would come, but to hit him to scare him.” His brother confirmed that he would take care of it with his cousins, Ikram Ijaz and Nomanhulaq Nomanhulaq. This evening of April 30, 2021, Shabbar Abbas left home with his daughter and his wife Nazia Shaheen. Then he would let them continue on their own, because the girl didn't want her father to see who was coming to pick her up. The man said he never saw or heard anything again. And that he only discovered his daughter's fate when he was in Pakistan, after his departure the next morning, May 1. He explained to investigators that he had returned to Italy only because he had received threats from one of the relatives who had left his cousin Ikram, fearing for the life of his son who remained in Italy.

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