It's “yellow” in the world of Italian tennis: the Italian-Argentinian Camila Giorgi is nowhere to be found. A few days ago, his name appeared on the list of “retired” athletes of the WTA. The athlete has not been found for several days and his phone has been turned off.

“I'm sorry because I couldn't hear you either, there is a little worry – said Tathiana Garbin, captain of the Fed Cup -, the last time we spoke was before the Billie Jean King Cup and I don't He said he was ready to come to Seville with the team because of a foot problem I hope he is well and there is. no problems and that he left this sport which gave him so much with serenity.

It's not just Camila Giorgi who is 'unavailable', but also her father-coach Sergio and her brothers Leandro and Amadeus. The Guardia di Finanza is also on their trail and must notify the documentation of certain “tax discrepancies”. According to investigations by the Florence public prosecutor's office, it appears that no tax declaration has ever been filed.

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