“I kindly ask for truthful information to follow my Instagram page, because so far only fake articles are coming out”. Thus, in a story on Instagram, Camila Giorgi responded to the news published in some national media of her alleged flight abroad due to problems with the Italian tax authorities.

By denying the rumors, Giorgi took the opportunity to confirm his retirement from tennis. “I am happy to officially announce my retirement from my tennis career”, writing.

“I am so grateful for your wonderful love and support over so many years. I cherish all the beautiful memories.” And he emphasizes: “There have been many inaccurate rumors about my future plans, so I look forward to providing more information on the exciting opportunities ahead.”

Camila Giorgi's publication on Instagram Instagram camila_giorgi_official

Camila Giorgi's publication on Instagram

Everyone was looking for her, press, Federtennis, WTA, Fed Cup captain Tathiana Garbin. But since, on May 7, Camila Giorgi's name surprisingly appeared on the list of players removed from the website of the International Integrity Agency, the organization responsible for safeguarding the integrity of professional tennis, the tennis player from the Marche region was nowhere to be found.

Ended up, with the whole family's phones turned off, including that of his cumbersome father coach Sergio, without communicating his retirement to anyone. The multitude of hypotheses about the tennis player is inevitable, from the legal troubles (she must appear before the investigating judge of Vicenza on July 16 for the first preliminary hearing) linked to the false vaccination against Covid to that advanced today by the Corriere della Sera on the problems of the tax authorities: the tennis player would be in the sights of the Guardia di Finanza who, after having summoned her in vain on April 13, would be looking for her to give her documents relating to the investigations carried out against him.

According to the Courier Camila would have moved to the USA. News which visibly pushed Giorgi, 32, to reveal himself, in writing, on his official Instagram account Camila Giorgi where from today he presents himself only as an athlete and no longer as a tennis player.

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