The correspondent of Hyenas Roberta Rei organized a meeting between Rocco Siffredi and the journalistDNAKronos Alisa Toaff, who reported the porn star for sexual harassment. The face to face between the two underlines the transmission of Media setwas “strongly desired” by the pornographic actor to “reaffirm his apologies and to definitively clarify with the journalist”DNA. Harassment, according to the complaint filed by Toaff at the Prati police station in Rome and the audio published in recent days by Republic, occurred through an exchange of voice messages between the two where we hear the first compliments from Siffredi, until the last insults and apologies for having distorted, according to him, the interview which was about to take place. be published. “In short, we have clarified ourselves – says the journalist to the correspondent Hyenas -. Anyway, his wife and I had a bad time. It was a mistake, it's human.” Then the clarification: “Rocco never touched me physically. For me, what pushed me to report were the last two vowels, I found them serious, sexist and in any case denigrating towards myself, both as a professional and as a woman. I felt bad because I was attacked by haters, I was attacked by anti-Semitic insults which did not had nothing to do with each other, you read them, right? Rocco may be an instinctive and kind person, but those two insults really hurt my feelings and so I got angry. Period,” Toaff reiterates.

Siffredi's reaction

At the end of the meeting, broadcast this evening, Tuesday March 26, on Italy 1Siffredi admits having to take “a step back”: “Listen – he says – rather than telling you that everything depends on my head, it could be that I am unstable, it could be that as you said I be depressed, I may have problems, but I don't want to medicate myself, I don't want to take antidepressants because I think I'm stronger than depression, it's the truth. But obviously something is wrong and so the best thing to do is to take a step back and try to find myself. Rudeness, lack of respect, but above all the biggest problem is that I have done, with one insult, two insults: I hurt two women because my wife was sick,” explains the former porn star, before kicking and slapping the wall and hiding in the room bath to cry.

“Because I’m an asshole. My wife is the most important person I have. Seeing my kids say, “Dad, you’re an asshole. When do you realize that we love you? When do you understand? Seeing my wife is like that, because and you… I don't know how to explain” – said the actor to Toaff who, in the meantime, joined him in the bathroom -. I didn't invent the series, the series is my life. I had problems with my family, I can't talk about anything other than my life. And I'm sorry to see what I did to you and what I did to my wife and my children. She is absolutely right and that's all. It's true that I said that Borghi making love did not represent me and I do repeat, that’s not the case… But I also told him – Siffredi continues, referring to the interview – because it’s as if I had said “But what did I show for 40 years? Why can't we show why I did this job here? Because I love sex.” I got angry when you said I was going on set to vent. This thing hurt because it felt like I had been a sex addict for 40 years. I sent you this voicemail exclusively because I was extremely confused inside. And I said: “But why did you betray me? Why? Why are you writing this to me? Do you need to sell two additional items? That's how I saw it,” he concludes. Which pushed the journalistDNA It was “the message and the insult to my professionalism” that denounced Siffredi, explains Toaff. “As someone unaccustomed to these insults, I honestly find them denigrating and I am a woman.” But for the journalist, now, “it’s all over,” she says. “I understand that you have realized the mistake. Enough,” concludes the journalist.

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