It is the largest “manifesto” for the promotion of healthy lifestyles, an event that promotes the historical, cultural and tourist heritage of a reference area in terms of sport and well-being at a global level. Until June 2, the world of sport gathered at the Rimini show with “RiminiWellness”.

28 pavilions, with over 300 exhibiting brands divided into 6 different thematic areas (Active, FoodWell, Health, Fitness, Wellness, Steel) RiminiWellness 2024 focuses on innovation with an emphasis on longevity, exploring programs of training and the latest research in nutrition and psycho-physical well-being.

Not only an “exhibition”, but also a physical activity on stage, will also return “RiminiWellness Off”, the “Fuorisalone” of well-being and lifestyle, organized by the Ieg in collaboration with the Municipality of Rimini to offer a collective experience that combines the fair, the center and the beach in a heart of thrilling activity. With more than 240 events that will liven up the coast and the city's parks, up to the picturesque Piazza sull'Acqua of the Tiberius Bridge.

The 18th edition of the event in Romagna will also be an opportunity to bring institutions into dialogue with active athletes, clubs and sports associations in the sector.

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