Shares of a video are circulating where a man sitting inside a car shows a video in which Ricardo Delgado is shown illustrating his “discoveries” on what would be found in the vials of different Covid vaccines, or the conspiracy of microscopic structures of graphene, inserted into the vials without our knowledge, with the aim of controlling us Yes, but how? These structures would be – according to this story – “nano-technologies” and more precisely “nano-routers”, like those we all have at home to connect to the Internet. The speech continues, worthy of Count Mascetti. Here is an example: “we have found nano-antennas and plasmonic antennas to amplify these signals – continues the translator -, nano-rectifiers have been identified which serve as accounts for direct alternating current”. We had already seen to what extent the “studies” reported or carried out by Delgado with Pablo Campra were already, at first glance, science fiction. Find some examples in our previous fact-checks here, here and here.

For those in a hurry:

  • A video is circulating claiming that nano-routers and nano-antennas have been found in all anti-Covid vaccines.
  • The nanotechnology described does not exist.


Shares of the film about alleged nanotechnology found in Covid vaccines are being released with the following caption:


The nanotechnologies of Campra and Delgado

Now let's take a brief look at the origins of the spooky graphene nanotechnology story we're talking about.

Delgado is known for producing documentation, accompanied by images, regarding traces of graphene and other substances in vaccine vials. Delgado therefore often cites a University of Seville document signed by Campra which purports to demonstrate such “discoveries”. In the clip in question, at one point we see examples similar, or even identical, to those we already discussed two years ago here.

Just to give us an idea of ​​how Campra and Delgado misrepresent what they see, here is the following example, which according to the two “scientists” shows nanotechnology:

Here is an image of a cholesterol crystal identified in urine. Do they remind you of anything?

For example, among the ingredients of the Pfizer vaccine we find cholesterol:


Obviously, a film is not enough to demonstrate that vaccines contain nanotechnology and those who support them, whatever their title, must also demonstrate it with solid evidence, and not through pareidolia, which is on the contrary an illusory phenomenon.

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