The words of the president of the Almirante foundation, Massimo Magliaro, this time guest of “Che sera” on Rai3 by Serena Bortone, come back into discussion. In the studio, we comment on the April 25 celebrations that have just taken place, with Magliaro being pressed by the other studio guests for his statements to DiMartedì which earned him a heated controversy. In the last episode of Giovanni Floris' studio on La7, Magliaro responded to actor Ascanio Celestini that he was a fascist, without fear of committing any crime.

This time, the exchange takes place with Nicola Lagioia, who declares: “It is the ideas that are contested, not the people. It is not a crime to call yourself a fascist, or even a Nazi. But can we say that these are crap ideas?” Magliaro responds: “Yes, but I am vehemently non-Nazi and anti-Nazi. Fascism is one thing, Nazism is another, they have absolutely no nothing to do with that.” Lagioia tries to answer: “But we can also say that fascism is shitty ideas…” Magliaro does not stop and launches into a distinction: “Fascism is Christian, Nazism is pagan. The lack of political culture made them equal.

Presenter Serena Bortone intervenes in the debate by raising her voice: “So is Matteotti’s crime Christian? Since I am Catholic, saying that fascism is Christian means that Matteotti's crime is also Christian. » In the studio, the voices overlap, Lagioia talks about racial laws and Bortone then tries to cut things short: “I don't talk about racial laws because it's easy to criticize racial laws. I say easy so to speak, because it is an absolute aberration. » Magliaro agrees, while Bortone insists: “You can't tell me that Matteotti's crime is something Christian.” This time, however, Magliaro avoids further comments, but clearly seems to disagree.

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