During the evening hearing before the Supervisory Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, the management of Viale Mazzini responded to some of the most delicate issues that have affected the company in recent months. Not just the Scurati case, with the announcement of disciplinary proceedings against presenter Serena Bortone. CEO Roberto Sergio and general manager Giampaolo Rossi spoke about Sanremo's controversy over hosting John Travolta, about the Usigrai strike, about Roberto Saviano's program being canceled from schedules last season. And also on the role of the government in the decisions of the company, renamed TeleMeloni by most critics who denounce constant interference in the choices of Viale Mazzini. “The Pavia Observatory estimated that at the start of the legislature – from October 2022 to the first quarter of 2023, direction Fuortes – the presence of the executive appeared higher than the average of previous governments, around 40%, while “in practice the average is around 33%”, replied Sergio, “this presence has gradually decreased, returning to the percentages recorded during previous legislatures, in the second part of the period considered, therefore during our mandate”.

Di Mare's service status

Among the events that have most agitated the company in recent weeks is the announcement by journalist Franco Di Mare that he suffers from mesothelioma, an aggressive tumor caused by exposure to asbestos dust, with whom he might have been in contact during his work as a correspondent. in the Balkans. Di Mare had said that the public television management had not responded to his request to receive the service record, a document that certifies where the employee worked and for how long. “It was sent yesterday to Franco Di Mare, by certified email, with the documentation he had requested,” Sergio said, responding to questions from the journalist's lawyer. The company then also mobilized in the case of John Travolta, who had agitated Rai during the days of the Sanremo Festival. The actor presented himself with shoes of which he is the testimony. “From the internal audit it emerged that neither employees nor external collaborators of Rai were aware of the actor's desire to wear shoes with the company logo U-Power, little known to the public , not recognized before its entry, and the contract stipulated with the company Divina Luna expressly provided for the prohibition of introducing elements of advertising or promotional value unless authorized by Rai”, version of the CEO, “the service violated the agreements, we have initiated action before the civil court of Rome, against Divina Luna and U -Pouvoir, in the event of breach of contract and violation of correction obligations, to obtain compensation for damages, including those of reputation. Additionally, payment of full compensation for Travolta's performances has been suspended. »

Saviano and the confrontation between the leaders

Rossi intervenes in the Rai editorial strike proclaimed by Usigrai and partly boycotted by the new center-right union Unirai. “There was no anti-union behavior on the part of the company during the strike, but a spontaneous presence which made it possible to disseminate the information,” declared the director, “a legitimate presence as established by the convictions which equate the freedom to strike with that of not striking. The strike was supported by 56% of all journalists and 71% if only those present are counted. If the number of members had been higher, it would not have been possible to disseminate the information. The participation was not such that it did not allow the broadcast of the most important editions. And he reports that the journalists who went on air were the subject of insults and threats. A passage was also devoted to Insider, the four-episode program by Roberto Saviano which was removed from the schedule at the start of last season even though it had already been recorded. include Insider in the next summer and winter programs,” said Sergio, closing the topic for now Finally, also the long-awaited discussion between the leaders of Italian politics on the eve of the European elections: “It. There will be a single discussion between all the leaders of the candidates, before the vote, we are working so that it is organized by Rai”.

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