The Bari public prosecutor's office is also examining a message sent by Michele Emiliano to Alfonsino Pisicchio, former town planning councilor and former extraordinary commissioner for the arts, under house arrest since April 10 with his brother Enzo and other people, to whom he warned of ongoing investigations. Pisicchio himself, appointed governor of the Puglia region in December 2023, reported this during the guarantee interrogation. The crimes accused of the former councilor of the municipality of Emiliano are, among others, corruption for an act contrary to official duties, corruption for. the exercise of the function, fraud, aggravated fraud to obtain public funds, material lie, disturbed freedom of auctions, issuance of invoices for non-existent operations.

During the guarantee interrogation, the former advisor read a Whatsapp conversation with the president of the Puglia region. An exchange of SMS – said the former municipal councilor, quoted by La Gazzetta du Mezzogiorno – which shocked and shocked him to the point that he photographed the conversation, forwarded it to his closest family members, and immediately spoke about it on the phone with his wife. Emiliano reportedly revealed that according to “Roman sources” Pisicchio was under investigation. In addition: the governor of the Puglia Region would also have been aware of “the updating of precautionary needs reported in information from the economic and financial police unit of the Financial Police of Bari”, we read in the Apulian newspaper. Given the situation, Emiliano would have asked Pisicchio to resign, and vice versa, he would have independently proceeded to revoke his mandate as extraordinary commissioner of the Arts. Finally, in the evening, Pisicchio was handcuffed.


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