A little less than 568,000 Lucanians are called to the polls to elect the president of Basilicata. No second round: the candidate who obtains one more vote than the others wins and obtains the majority in the Regional Council, even if he has not reached the 50% threshold. While the vote is still in progress, several representatives of the center right go too far and demand the victory of outgoing president Vito Bardi, supported by the parties that make up the government majority, plus Action and Italia Viva. The other candidate, Piero Marrese, is distant, counting on the support of the Democratic Party, the 5 Star Movement, the Left Green Alliance and two other lists. Insignificant percentages for the third candidate Eustachio Follia, local leader of the European political movement Volt. Voters did not have the possibility of voting separately, a key element of Alessandra Todde's victory in Sardinia. With 451 sections scrutinized out of 682, the outgoing president and center-right candidate arrives at 56.05% of preferences ahead of center-left Piero Marrese, stuck at 42.73%. Volt's candidate, Eustachio Follia, is at 1.22%. Fratelli d'Italia is the first party with 16.47% of the vote, followed by the Democratic Party with 14.8%, in the double-digit result of the center-right Forza Italia with 12.5%, the League is at 7, 78%, just above Azione. which, supporting Bardi, is at 7.73%. The M5S stops at 7.52%.

The center right declares victory

“While waiting for a figure closer to the final one, in any case a clear victory for our coalition is emerging. I would like to thank the Lucanians for the trust they have placed in me, for the second time. It is a great responsibility that I feel towards them all, even towards the Lucanians who did not vote for me or who did not go to the polls. I will continue to be the president of all. I therefore dedicate this victory to all Lucanians. » This is the note with which Bardi has indeed broken the silence: he is the winner of the round. Antonio Tajani is also unbalanced: “Vito Bardi won. The Forza Italia candidate won. The united center-right won. The Lucanians won and chose to support our good government for another five years. Congratulations to President Bardi and all the elected officials of the Regional Council.”

Bardi has a clear advantage with more than 10% of sections scrutinized

At 7:10 p.m., the sections scrutinized numbered 81 out of 682. Not many, but the trend seems quite clear and confirms the instantaneous survey of Telenorba. Bardi, at the time of the photograph, had received 11,917 votes, for a consensus percentage of 57.28%. Marrese's name, however, appeared on 8,616 ballots, a percentage of 41.41%. The third candidate, Follia, stopped at 272 votes, or 1.31% of preferences. First place in the center-right coalition, with 14.69%, is the Brothers of Italy. Forza Italia is the second party, with 12.16%, and Action is the third party in the coalition with 9.74%. The League lags behind at 7.81%, while Lucanian Pride's Renzians sit at 6.63%. On the center-left, the Democratic Party is the leading force in the coalition, with 13.25%. Casa comune di Chiorazzo, a possible candidate for governor who was vetoed by the 5 stars, is the second list of the coalition: 9.47% of the votes. Grillini are very close, at 9.06%. The left-wing Green Alliance is at 5.90%.

Participation decreases: -3.72% compared to 2019

Even though this year the polling stations remained open for two days, Sunday April 21 and Monday April 22, the participation rate fell compared to the 2019 regional elections, where voting took place in a single day. According to Eligendo data, the participation rate amounted to 49.80%, down from 53.52% in 2019. The province of Matera was more responsive to the call to vote, where 54 .08% of rights holders voted. In the province of Potenza, 47.92% of the population voted. The participation rate in the two capitals is significantly higher: in Potenza it reached 63.28%, in Matera 54.08%. A curiosity regarding Lucanian demography: Basilicata is a land of emigration, to the point that, against 537,577 inhabitants, there are 567,939 with the right to vote. This difference is due to the large number of Lucanians registered in the Aire, the register of Italians residing abroad and who retain the right to vote.

The first instant polls at 3 p.m.

From the first snapshot polls, published immediately after the polls closed at 3 p.m., Bardi seems to have a clear advantage: his (hypothetical) percentages exceed 50%, between 53% and 57%. Staccato Marrese, between 41% and 45%. Outside of the Madness game, in a range between 1% and 3%. The most supported list, according to the survey carried out by Yoodata for Telenorba, is that of Fratelli d'Italia, with a range between 23% and 27%. The Democratic Party follows, with a result that fluctuates between 15% and 19%. The M5 is associated with the Democrats, between 14% and 18%. Fourth party Forza Italia, which operates in a range between 12% and 16%. Matteo Salvini's League is far behind, estimated between 4% and 8%.

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