Italy (only here) beats Spain and returns to the top of the ranking of landings. But in the first six months of the year, for Rome, they were 60.29% lower than in 2023.

According to data provided by the UNHCR on landings of African and Asian migrants on the Mediterranean coasts, at the end of June, Italy overtook Spain for the first time since January and once again became the country of first arrival, with 25,804 arrivals compared to 25,250 from Spain. and 20,682 from Greece. However, the data for Rome are well below those recorded in the first six months of 2023 and also slightly below those of 2022.

But from 2024, routes to the Spanish and Greek coasts will increase

Last year, at the end of June, 65,519 migrants had landed on the Italian coasts and this year there were 60.29% fewer. However, in the first six months of 2022 there were 27,633 landings on the Italian coasts, and compared to these data, those of the current year are reduced by 5.8%. The reduction phenomenon concerns only Italy, because both in Spain and Greece (but also in Cyprus) the arrivals of 2024 were much higher than those of 2023. Overall, in fact, in the first six months of the year, the migrants who arrived on the coasts of Mediterranean Europe there were 76,278, a figure only 14.6% lower than the 89,276 arrivals of 2023.

In Italy, the majority of new arrivals come from Bangladesh. Then from Syria and Tunisia.

On the Italian coasts, according to data provided by the Ministry of the Interior, as of July 5, the largest number of migrants (5,709) arrived from Bangladesh, which remains one of the strongest and most organized ethnic communities, especially in Rome. The second country of origin (3,903 arrivals) was Syria, and in third place was Tunisia, from where 3,311 people arrived. Next in the ranking are Guinea (2,025), Egypt (1,750), Pakistan (1,047), Gambia (897), Sudan (895), Mali (877) and Ivory Coast (699).

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